Getnow partners with Metro to target e-food market in Germany

As we’ve written here on numerous occasions, not only is Germany a huge market for food, but the start-up scene has increasingly been turning its attention to the so-called e-food sector.

The big players in the food industry are fighting for the e-food market segment in Germany but now a smaller player, Getnow, wants to gain a foothold and is partnering with Metro supermarkets (one of the largest players in the German market).

The fight for the e-food segment in Germany is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Ever since Amazon Fresh entered the market the supermarket chains having been running scared, and have been forced to turn their attention to the online market for customers.

According to a recent study, Rewe is the most popular online supermarket in Germany. In second place is with Amazon in third place. Getnow is, therefore, attempting to establish its own delivery service in a highly competitive market against a number of large companies.

Established in 2016, Getnow has been supplying customers in Berlin and Munich. The digital supermarket has more than 8,000 products in its range, including fresh produce such as fish, fruit and vegetables, as well as frozen goods and delicatessen items. By comparison, Amazon Fresh’s product range includes around 85,000 items. Rewe offers about 9,000 products online.

Getnow sources its products from Metro wholesale stores so that a relatively stable range should be available. The obvious advantage of this model is that Getnow does not need its own warehouse and, presumably, that Metro gains an online presence.

As soon as Getnow receives a customer order, company staff buy the food in Metro stores and then deliver it to DHL for shipping. Getnow promises to deliver the goods within 90 minutes to the front door. Customers can pick up their purchases Mondays to Saturdays until 21 clock in freely selectable time windows. No matter what delivery window is requested, the cost is always 4.99 Euro with free delivery starting from 60 euros. There is no minimum order value.

Commenting on the relationship, Metro boss Olaf Koch compared the cooperation “with small mom-and-dad shops that are already shopping in our Metro today and then resell these items, but Getnow delivers the goods to the front door.”

The Metro CEO further commented that, at this stage, the online delivery business is not Metro’s strategic priority.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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