Germany’s Eco-Power hits a new high – again

Continuing a steady trend, the amount of electricity produced from renewable sources in Germany in October was 44.1 per cent.

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Germany’s sunny autumn, and a number of early winter storms, have combined to provide Germany with an all-time month high of renewable energy production in October. A total of 44.1 per cent of all Germany’s electricity production was produced from renewable sources. This is equal to 20.7 billion kWh, enough to power 5.9m two-person homes.

Overall, renewable sources have produced more than 38 per cent of Germany’s total electricity production this year, keeping the country on course to meet many of its targets for the energy transition policy, the Energiewende.

“This is another fantastic return for the time and money that has been put into renewable energy sources,”

said Esther Frey Director of Energy, Environment and Resources at GTAI

“We also see strong growth for storage technologies. The number of small home storage systems has grown by 113% per year on average since 2013, while large-scale batteries supporting the electricity grid increased tenfold within that period.”

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI).


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