The Mini Greenhouse for Superfoods

One of the more exciting sectors of the German start-up scene is food, with many investors desperately looking for opportunities in the sector. Now, CellGarden, a start-up based in Aalen, is taking aim at the growing food market and has developed a mini-greenhouse to grow superfoods at home.

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One of the main sources of the so-called superfoods are sprouts and seeds because of their high nutrient content. Many of us have tried out hand at growing sprouts or watercress at home, in a jar on the windowsill for example, but they usually require many days and good conditions before they can be eaten. The mini-greenhouse developed by CellGarden, however, allows for sprouts and shoots to be harvested after just four days. The CellOne is a system with automatic control, which adapts water, light and temperature to the optimal conditions for different seedlings.

CellGarden offers 20 different varieties of sprouts and microgreens as well as nuts, kernels and pods in biodegradable packaging for its Home Growing unit. The system requires a power connection and has a refillable water tank. The three levels of the CellOne mini-greenhouse are designed to allow multiple varieties to be grown simultaneously.

The company has also produced a cookbook (and app) in order to help customers understand how to process superfoods and incorporate them into your diet.

“We offer a holistic product for the home, but not just for starting shoots,”

says Marina Zeisler, co-founder of CellGarden.

“We see ourselves less as offering a hardware product, and more a holistic approach to healthy eating.”

Last year, Alexander Lier, Josef Teips and Marina Zeisler launched their idea at the Innovation Center of the Aalen University of Applied Sciences. CellGarden was founded in July 2017 with the help of the Exist-Gründerstipendium and grants of a total of 180,000 euros. The mini-greenhouse system is not yet available, however, it should be on the market within the next 12 months.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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