This Munich Start-up wants to make Yoga Mats from Garbage

This Munich start-up has begun selling yoga mats made from garbage. Despite the inputs, they are far from being disposable quality.

Yoga practitioners are often concerned about their relation to the environment, but despite this one of the most frequently used items of yoga equipment–the yoga mat–is often environmentally unfriendly. But, these two founders want to change that.

Sustainability is an important trend and not just for people into yoga, a fact that Anna Souvignier and Sophie Zepnik are well aware of. The two friends studied sustainability in Malmö, Sweden. In their personal lives, the two produce as little garbage as possible, and pay attention to the environment, with one exception: yoga. Regularly, Anna and Sophie perform sun salutations and other yoga poses, but on a synthetic mat. The two began to look for alternatives that did not involve plastics. While searching the net the two students did not find a yoga mat which satisfied their requirements.

“That’s why we decided to design one of our own,” said founder Anna Souvignier.

A first prototype is now ready. Up to 1.5 kilos of rubbish can be reclaimed by the production of their mat. This is not simply any old garbage but, for example, cuttings from the automotive sector.

“The garbage comes from a factory that processes foam,” explains Souvignier.

Also, the mat itself will ultimately be recyclable.

“We want to integrate a return system so that a closed circuit is created and we can make new mats out of the products that have been delivered,” continued Souvignier.

So far the founders have funded their start-up mainly from their own pockets. In order to further develop their prototypes, they now need fresh money. In October, they will launch a crowdfunding campaign on the startnext platform. The two founders suggest that their mat will not cost more than other products on the market that promote quality and sustainability.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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