German Start-ups Tackling the Plastic Problem

We have previously posted on one of the major problems of our time, the environmental issue of plastics pollution.

Our previous posts on plastics pollution can be found under the following tag: #environment

The following is a list of start-ups that are addressing this problem in some respect.

(1) Halm from Berlin wants to make plastic straws obsolete. The company sells a reusable glass alternative. According to estimates, 40 million straws are used every year in Germany alone.

(2) Leaf Republic is a Munich manufacturer of single-use recyclable plates made from leaves. The plates are designed to rot in the compost in 28 days and offer an alternative to plastic and cardboard.

(3) No more styrofoam in parcels is what the Munich-based start-up Landpack wants to achieve with its natural insulation, which consists of straw and hemp.

(4) The Ocean Cleanup wants to free our oceans of plastic waste. The start-up has developed a barricade that catches the material floating on the surface. The company was founded in 2015 and began as a school project by (the then 16-year-old) Boyan Slat.

(5) The Original Unverpackt is a Berlin supermarket, which sells products only in reusable packaging or completely free of packaging. The start-up has already completed two successful crowd-funding rounds and also has an onlineshop.

(6) Monomeer is an online shop from Konstanz for plastic-free alternatives of products such as toothbrushes. The start-up also operates a blog with tips on how to reduce plastic consumption.

(7) A water bottle that you can eat is what Ooho is promising. The innovative packaging being developed by the start-up consists mainly of seaweed and can be digested or composted.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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