Designing the Future: The Sustainable Textile School

As we all know, the textile business is crucial to our everyday lives but it is also a major factor in environmental degradation. Dyeing factories contaminating rivers, usage of pesticides in the cotton production, or pathogenic chemicals in clothes are among just some of the reasons for the production of ecological textiles.

Numerous well-known clothing companies are already committed to the goals of the Greenpeace campaign “Detox” and comply with general consumer consciousness. Taking this seriously, sustainability becomes a competitive advantage.

Looking at these questions and others  will be the pioneering Sustainable Textile School being held between September 18 till 20, 2017, at the Chemnitz University of Technology.

“The main objective is to support the producers, to create transparency within their textile production chain, and to change this chain towards sustainability. Because sustainability is the business model of tomorrow.” said Prof. Marlen Arnold, Head of the Professorship of Corporate Environmental Management.

Prof. Holger Cebulla, Head of the Professorship Textile Technologies at Chemnitz University added:

“Presentations and workshops during the conference are supposed to help retailers and industrial companies to understand the complexity of the textile chain and its possibilities of change in order to become more sustainable.”

Therefore, the order of the conference is structured in a coherent way from the starting product to the end product. Day one will focus on everything around the fiber, while day two targets applied chemical processes in textile industry. On the last day, the finished article of clothing and the transformation to more sustainability will be the focus.

The Sustainable Textile School will clearly be international with participants from the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the United States of America, and India.

The School will take place in the Julius-Stöckhardt auditorium building of the University site Straße der Nationen of Chemnitz University from 18th till 20th September, 2017. Company representatives and researchers can register online. Ten students with a major field of study in textiles can participate via a student’s program. The application papers can be submitted online.

Further information and links for submissions and registration are available online at:

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from idw online.


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