Many Start-ups suffer from an apparent Skills Shortage. So here are 7 Start-ups that are taking aim at the problem

Recent surveys of Germany start-ups have indicated that many companies fail to fill vacant job positions. Developers and programmers, in particular, are in short supply for young companies. Some start-ups, however, see this as a business opportunity. Here are seven:

(1) wants to provide developers to tech companies. The company was founded in 2015 and analysed data from their open source platform GitHub for their development search. If an interested person is found, a detailed interview follows. If the candidate then shows interest, they can be presented to the appropriate company.

(2) 4scotty: is the startup of Frank Geßner, founder of Intershop. On the platform companies can apply for IT experts. According to Geßner, such a concept works only in areas where employees can choose where they want to work.

(3) Code University: is a project begun by founder Thomas Bachem. The private technical school is intended to offer a practical study for programmers with Bachelors degree courses in Software Engineering, UX Design and Product Management, and thereby creating more specialists for the tech market.

(4) Careerfoundry: has online courses to train Web or iOS Developers in six months, making tech jobs more accessible to students and others.

(5) Tandemploy: A platform for job sharing offers, applicants have the opportunity to find a partner with whom they can apply for a job. Companies like RWE already use the portal to recruit employees. In June 2017 the company received investments of three million euros.

(6) Honeypot: is another programmer / developer recruiter. Companies must apply on the platform to the candidates. Employees must go through different tests and interviews beforehand to verify their coding skills. Salaries and requirements must be disclosed to the companies from the outset.

(7) Taledo: The Taledo platform allows companies to introduce themselves to employees and vice versa. The startup examines every new candidate, but does not exclusively focus on IT professionals.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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