BMW’s i3 battery now being used in electric boat motors

BMW’s i3 high-capacity batteries, which it uses in its i3 compact electric vehicle, has potential uses beyond BMW’s own vehicles. Recently, the car maker began supplying  Torqeedo, a German boat propulsion system company, with i3 batteries for its Deep Blue aquatic electric drive systems.

Torqeedo provide motorboats with hybrid and electric propulsion systems ranging from 1 to 160 HP in capacity. The current version of the i3 battery have 44kWh capacity, providing 50 percent more charge with the same size and weight as the previous generation of batteries.

BMW designed i3 batteries to have ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, with in-house connectors, cables, sensors and temperature control systems in addition to the 12 cells found in each of the battery’s eight modules. BMW designed the batteries with the intention to make them usable in a range of different applications, including, for example, as energy storage in commercial power generation, where they can be useful even after they’ve passed their usable life in terms of powering vehicles.

A recent study found that the electric boat market could potentially worth $20 billion by 2027, meaning huge growth potential for BMW, and Torqeedo is a partner that can help adapt their technology to a wide range of nautical applications.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from TechCrunch.


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