High Tech Gloves Improve Workflow Efficiency

Many companies that enter technology or start-up space do so to implement strategies to reduce human labour. ProGlove, however, believes in a future of human labour and are working to help make these workers more efficient.

With its scanner glove ProGlove wants to make industrial production more efficient. In fact, the glove looks at lot like the future of cybernetic prosthetics.

According to the founder, human labour is important and here to stay:

“We believe in human workers”

The Munich start-up has built a reputation for its wearable technology. With its built in  sensors, the gloves can simplify and shorten workflows. For example, the current model, called Mark, helps to document components when cars are assembled. If the worker accidentally picks up the wrong piece the glove will sound an alarm. Already, this model glove is in use at several car assembly plants, with a new model, Katharina, soon to follow. In idiosyncratic style, the wearables are named after the ex-girlfriends of the inventors.

In the meantime, the start-up is mainly working with German automotive companies. The last investment round took place in May 2016 which raised 2m euros for the Munich team. With a new round of funding in the offing, the founder, Thomas Kirchner, says that a US expansion is also possible in the medium term.

Photo credit: http://www.proglove.de. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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