This start-up allows you to create your own postcard online and have it delivered to a real letterbox

Postando is a German start-up that allows you to design real postcards with your own pictures and send them all over the world directly from your smartphone. But the postcard that arrives will not be digital media to your inbox, but a real postcard to your letterbox.

The founder says the idea came about in 2015 during a vacation in Bali. His wife wanted to send postcards from there, but neither interesting cards, nor stamps or a mailbox could be found. “I thought it would have to be easier,” says Johannes Duttenhöfer. Back home, he and his later co-founders downloaded the apps from the competition and found that they were not particularly user-friendly. “We wanted to do better.”

The three friends founded Postando GmbH in the middle of 2016. With their app, users can create their own postal or greeting cards on their smartphone and send them worldwide for just under two euros and have them arrive in real letterboxes. The cards are printed, franked and sent daily by the Frankfurt Postando office.

Are postcards still viable in these times of WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat?

“I want to make sure that one day my children will also send postcards,” says the founder.

Particularly in Germany, the emotional bond of a postcard is simply much stronger than with Facebook or other social media. Furthermore, it is always nice to have something other than bills in the mailbox.

So far, Duttenhöfer and his co-founders are financing their start-up from their own pockets. They want to grow organically for as long as possible, and be profitable soon, although there is other competition in this space. MyPostcard or touchnote are just two examples of many.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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