3Bears: a Munich-based Food Start-up

Porridge is considered to be the new hipster breakfast. Based on a love for rolled oats and the trend for the hipster breakfast, 3Bears already sells 15,000 packs a month.

Based on her time in England, Caroline Steingruber remembers mainly one thing: the breakfast. From Munich, for several years Caroline lived in London and discovered Porridge for herself, better known in Germany as Haferschleim (or, oatmeal, but which literally means oat slim). Back home, she did not want to give up her early morning hot meal and therefore founded her own Porridge Start-up with her husband.

At 3Bears, great importance is given to the ingredients. In Great Britain, the rolled oats often tasted sweet to Caroline. Therefore, for her own products there is no added sugar and a focus on fair trade and organic certification.

The 31-year-old founded the start-up together with her husband Tim Nichols in 2015. Around 12,000 euros of start-up capital was collected by the couple via a Crowdfunding platform. Since its establishment two years ago, the team has grown from two to five employees.

Before she became the founder, Steingruber worked for a design and brand agency in London and a good story about her product is important to her. In this case, there is no coincidence that the company is names after the fairytale Goldilocks and the three bears.

Although 3Bears started with an online shop, it now sells its products primarily offline. 15,000 packets of porridge are sold every month, of which 400 are via the online shop of their own website. For about a year, the start-up has been supplying stores all over Germany, particularly local organic markets, Steingruber said. In addition, 3Bears is currently also in large chain supermarkets like Edeka and has recently begun selling its products in Austria with the drugstore chain DM. In addition, the 400-gram packs can be ordered at a price of four to five euros for several months via Amazon.

Photo credit: 3Bears. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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