Zalando and Parcify have teamed up for deliveries wherever you are

Germany’s hugely successful online shop, Zalando, has recently partnered with the Belgian start-up, Parcify, so that its customers can have parcels delivered to where ever they happen to be (well, in Belgium, at least).

While online shopping should make life easier, a missed delivery or complications with delivery can often make the whole exercise seem like a waste of time rather than a time saver. Zalando is well aware of this problem and have been working on a solution by finding a relatively flexible delivery option. The result is that the company will soon begin offering a delivery option where packages are brought to where ever the customer is (and wants to receive the delivery).

What makes this possible? That is where Parcify comes in. A Belgian company founded in 2015, it accepts packages and then takes them directly to the customer. To do this, you need to download the Parcify app and enter your location, including a GPS reference. The partnership with Zalando is a big step forward for the company which only delivers in three cities (Antwerp, Brussels, and Ghent) and within specific post codes. The service is currently in a test phase and when or whether the service will be extended to Germany is still unclear.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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