11 Start-ups Every Student Should Know About

Here is a list of sites and start-ups which are useful to students in Germany (and elsewhere).

Studydrive is a platform for learning materials and webinars. Students can share and download documents for their courses. Distributing content earns credits that you can convert into bonuses.

Flatastic helps coordinate shared living. The app includes a shopping list, a cleaning plan and an overview of general expenses. Each room mate can be evaluated according to completed tasks and purchases, and a ranking is then created. The aim is to ensure an even distribution of shared tasks.

Semper is aimed at helping people memorise and learn. It relies on card types and on micro-learning. The app integrates the knowledge query into daily handheld usage and appears, for example, when other apps load or unlock the screen. The user can create different sets of card or get them from others users.

Many students quickly realise that coding skills can be quite helpful in finding a job. At the Codeacademy everyone can learn coding for free and therefore gain at least a basic understanding of the skill.

If you often forget an event or class, now you can use Uninow. The app supports 152 universities in Germany and provides an overview of timetables, grades, unimail, books on loan, and the canteen menu.

Many students apply for only a few of the available scholarships without wider knowledge of what is out there. Portals like mystipendium.de collect the funding offers and provide an overview. Students are also able to find services that fit there level and skills, not simple the absolute top funding offers.

Ticketswap is not aimed only at students, but other people can also use the platform to safely buy and sell e-tickets. The company scans the barcodes and ensures that the tickets are not in circulation. The ticket price may not exceed 120% of the original price.

Tomorrow you have an exam, but your new TV series is calling and won’t let you go? So you got to www.tiii.me and calculate how much time you have already spent with a series instead of studying, and how much time it will take to watch the entire thing. 🙂

Breaking with the time honoured tradition of sleeping on the floor when staying over with student friends, Snoozar offers inflatable guest beds for rent so guests do not have to sleep on the floor. The service includes delivery and collection and includes a bed with cover, head pillow and blanket.

Meineuni.de lists and ranks universities according to different criteria. The rankings range from the party factor and teaching up to the quality of the cafeteria. Only students of the respective university can contribute an assessment.

UNiDAYS shows information about which companies are currently offering student discounts. The site verifies the student status and connects the offers to a registration on their website.

Photo credit: http://www.colourbox.com. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.


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