Tiramizoo – A Same-Day Delivery Start-up

A new start-up offering a same-day delivery service has been attracting a lot of attention in Germany, including heavyweight investors.

Anyone who has ordered something from Germany’s Media Markt and received the item the same day has already been in contact with the startup Tiramizoo, if only indirectly. Because the Same Day Delivery service employs only a small number of its own drivers, it is mainly distributed between couriers and dealers using software (SaaS).

“We are optimising the delivery route to the last mile, including GPS tracking and customer information,” explains Michael Löhr, the founder of the company.

The routes are adapted in real time, for example, if there is a traffic jam or a blockage. With its SaaS service in 150 cities, the start-up already has more than 1,000 customers, according to Löhr. The start-up will mobilise 3,700 vehicles all over Germany using sub-contract arrangements.

Founded in Munich in 2010, the start-up recently completed another round of financing. This time, a number of large investors participated, including Shell Technology Ventures and Daimler, as well as the consignor DPD Deutschland, the Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft and Bayern Capital continue as partners.

With the new investor Shell, Tiramizoo will test new business models in the Asia-Pacific region. Here focus is on deliveries between eight to ten kilometres, which are implemented within 60 to 120 minutes. Larger routes will also be tested in Asia and then offered in Germany, as well.

“You can use the software in any city within five days,” says Löhr.

In the near future, delivery routes for electric vehicles will also be developed, the company says. Daimler as a vehicle supplier would show special interest, says the founder. But also Shell, a mineral oil company, wants to participate in the Energiewende profitably and is testing the Tiramizoo software in a new business field – delivery optimisation for goods and passengers. With a wider range of deliveries, Tiramizoo is still attacking its competitors DHL and Hermes. Deutsche Post DHL has already extensively tested e-vehicles in its fleet.

Tiraizoo wants to remain a B2B company, however, and has no plans to enter the end-user market.

“For us B2C and an open platform makes no sense,” says Löhr. The dealer linkage is in focus – “We make pure B2B”.

Photo credit: http://www.colourbox.com. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from GruenderSzene.


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