Sedric – Volkswagen’s Self-driving Car

We have written a lot, here, about the rapid development of self-driving automotive technology. Although they are relatively late on scene, Volkswagen recently presented its autonomous vehicle which appears more like a shuttle than a traditional car.

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Volkswagen presented its first autonomous vehicle which has augmented reality and air-purifying plants. It also has a beautiful sleek design. The shuttle could also be used for Moia.

Volkswagen is late with its first autonomous electric car and the company has filled ‘Sedric’ (the name of this model) with entertainment offers. A personal language assistant welcomes the passengers. Instead of steering wheel and dashboard, the passengers watch a transparent screen in front of the windshield. This will be followed by augmented reality applications, such as traffic hints, for example. Apart from the full automation of Sedric, the interior climate of the vehicle has also set new standards. Air-purifying plants, which are supported by bamboo charcoal filters, are on board. Sedric, the concept car whose name is derived from self-driving car, was recently presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The small bus-like design is reminiscent of the construction of ‘Olli’ designed by Local Motors–also an autonomous shuttle. However, Volkswagen currently plans to offer only a four seat version of Sedric. The vehicle is to be used by private owners and mobility service providers. For example, the company could market the vehicle for families, people with physical limitations or seniors, the company said. On the other hand, the market as a mobility service provider is appealing.

VW CEO, Ole Harms, has already announced plans to launch an on-demand mobility package specifically designed by Volkswagen, in connection with moia.

“Basically it’s about bringing people together on similar routes,” Harms said at the time.

The service will be available on demand, and the traveller will find the next shuttle stop for a suitable route via an app. Whether Sedric is also used for Moia, the Group has not yet revealed. However, in the official announcement about Sedric it was mentioned that Ridehailer, in which Volkswagen invested 300 million dollars, and Moia will occupy a central importance in coming development.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from GruenderSzene.


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