New Symposium – Medical Device Manufacturing (Stuttgart, April 5, 2017)

A new symposium, “Medical Device Manufacturing”, aims at bringing together research and industry experts from all over the world to develop solutions for the global market. On April 5, 2017, this new format will be presented within the scope of a public symposium to professionals and representatives from medical organisations.

The framework for the Medical Device Manufacturing Conference includes Baden-Württemberg’s highly prominent metal and plastics manufacturing industry. Secondly, it will be held parallel to “Medtec Europe” which ensures that the most important industry players from throughout the world will be in attendance.

The launch meeting will take place as a public symposium for the conference planned for 2018. Following this, the Conference Board will meet for the first time to discuss key issues to be covered at the conference and announce a call for papers.

One of the symposium’s thematic blocks deals with the regulatory requirements for medical engineering products and devices as well as their consequences for manufacturing. These will be further developed at national, international and European level. Dr. Urs Schneider, Head of Medical Engineering and Biotechnology at Fraunhofer IPA, explains:

“Every country would like to be able to economise its healthcare system while at the same time increasing patient safety. Technological progress and political amendments therefore require that countries update requirements on an ongoing basis.”

For manufacturers of medical products, these modifications cost time and money.

The symposium additionally sheds light on innovative, pioneering technologies within the industry. For example, 3D printing to manufacture personalized and customized implants could play an important role in this. In this context, experts are discussing how innovative manufacturing processes, for example hybrid processes combining 3D printing and machining, could be exploited within the medical engineering industry.
Fraunhofer IPA intends to establish a new conference format in cooperation with trade fair organizers UBM and Stuttgart Messe to run parallel with Medtec Europe.

Here is more information, the conference programme and registration.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Fraunhofer IPA.


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