An Overview of some Non-Mainstream Co-working Spaces in Berlin

In order to support a burgeoning start-up scene Berlin also needs work spaces to accommodate people working in the field. Here is an overview of some of the non-mainstream co-working spaces that are available in Berlin.

(1) The blogfabrik in Kreuzberg is a co-working space designed especially for bloggers, instagramers, photographers and other publishers. The workspace is paid by the members with content, which is then published in the in-house online magazine Dailybreadmag.

(2) Tuesday Co-working in Berlin Schöneberg was opened in May 2016 and has room for only 15 members. Ranked by Twago the office is the most popular co-working space in Berlin.

(3) The rooms of Agora Collective are located in Neukölln and offer a special ambience for creative work. For example, there is a café in the garden as well as artist studios and studios which can be rented separately.

(4) The Space Station is one of the oldest co-working spaces and has been located in Berlin Moabit since 2007. The offices offer four floors for 40 people.

(5) The creative work community Oberschöneweide (short KAOS) is located on the Spreeufer and focuses on artistic work. In the industrial hall, there are studios, workplaces, workshops, exhibition rooms and event areas.

(6) The Office Club has been located in Prenzlauer Berg since 2011. The space is aimed at freelancers, employees and founders. In contrast to the competition, there are options for people who want to work here only a few days a month.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Gruender Szene.



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