A Low Impact Pre-fab House Designed and Built in Australia

Australian architects, archiblox, recently completed a beautiful pre-fab house on the cliffs of Avalon in Sydney. The end result is a modest 106 square metre house which is visually integrated into to landscape and employs a range of simple design features which maximise the liveability of the space and minimise the impact on the surrounding area.

The firm, which specialises in pre-fab design, undertook the project to build a home with minimal effect on the landscape, both in terms of construction and natural processes within the ecosystem. This allowed the entire project to be completed in 6 weeks. The rectangular plan is oriented east/west to benefit from maximum cross ventilation from the strong ocean winds.

Other features incorporated into the building, inc.:

  • a green roof which helps integrate the home into the lush landscape, and also serves as a naturally insulating element that works in conjunction with additional internal insulation.
  • dark corrugated iron is fitted to the outer facade. It is a low maintenance material that can withstand the strong salty winds and variations in climate.
  • the outer partition of the living space is set in along the south and east sides of the home providing shade in the hot summer climate.
  • The entire structure is lifted off the ground on piers allowing natural water flow on the site to be left unobstructed thus avoiding soil erosion.
  • Finally, a water collection system provides all grey-water needs for the house.

Photo credit: Design Boom. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from www.designboom.com.


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