Bochum Hochschule – European Solar Challenge (update)

Here is a brief update on the progress of the Bochum Hochschule Solar Car Project at the recent European Solar Challenge (ESC).

See our previous post: Bochum Hochschule at the iLUMEN European Solar Challenge (video) also, see the photos, below.

One aspect of the ESC was the 24 hour race. As one might suspect, this meant working throughout the night, little or no sleep for many team members, and technical difficulties and repairs that go along with any type of endurance race. The TyssenKrupp SunRiser was in overnight for repairs but back on the track at 7 am, with a further 6 hours of driving time to go.

There was futher bad news before the end of the race, however: the PowerCore Suncruiser had to return to the pits due to a completely discharged battery only 10 minutes before the end of the race, while the while the SolarWorld GThad to removed from the track due to a defective steering assembly. However, it was repairer and rejoined the race before its conclusion. While the race ended prematurely for the Suncruiser, it completed 258 laps which was the highest total of all the Bochum team cars.

The overall winner was the team which accumulated most points in each of the four disciplines: K.O. chicane, presentation, fastest lap and 24 hours distance travelled. The Bochum Team cars finished in third, fourth and fifth places overall:

3rd. Hochschule Bochum Solarcar Team TKSR

4th. Hochschule Bochum Solarcar Team GT from Bochum

5th. Hochschule Bochum Solarcar Team PCSC from Bochum

Details of the race and the results can be found here, and the full race results can be found here.

The iESC was the first 24 hours endurance race ever for solarcars. For the very first time, solarcars were able to show their full potential with low power consumption, aerodynamics and challenge electric cars over the full 24 hours. The event took place from September 23 till 25, 2016 at the former Formula 1 race track of Circuit Zolder (Belgium). Twelve solar cars challenged each other and two Tesla S cars. Solar Team Twente became European Champions. Punch Powertrain Solar Team finished second, while the third place was for the German PowerCore SunCruiser.

Photo credit: Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from SolarCar Team Bochum and the Hochschule Bochum.


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