“Future Work Lab” – the Fraunhofer Innovation Laboratory for Work, People and Technology

In June 2016, Fraunhofer Institute IAO launched the “Future Work Lab”, an innovation laboratory that will develop infrastructure and content to realise the future of work and production a real experience.

The lab will offer demonstration work environments, skills development and training, and a platform for scientific exchange. It is aimed at industry, workers’ organisations, politics and academics, as well as the production staff of the future.

Companies can use the services of Future Work Lab in three ways:

  • The demonstration centre will have three tours of the working world of the future – which technologies and applications are already possible today and present potential  future scenarios of the division of labour between people and technology. The entire spectrum of future industrial work will be presented.
  • The future world of work requires very different skills than today. Therefore, the skills development and consulting centre will provide seminars, workshops and training opportunities for employees of manufacturing companies. In addition, experts from the centre together with corporate partners will develop individual training concepts for industry 4.0.
  • For scientific dialogue and further research relating to work, the Centre for Labour Research “Work in Progress” will be the central platform. Located directly in the Future Work Lab, the project partners aim to ensure the rapid transfer and implementation research from the Academy.

The project is funded for three years by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). An official opening of the Future Work Lab is likely scheduled for autumn 2016th

Photo credit: “Fraunhofer IPA“. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Fraunhofer IPA.


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