Intersolar: Innovative & Pioneering for 25 years

Intersolar is more than just another trade fair…

From the very beginning, the Intersolar trade fair has set a standard about a guided vision of a solar future. From it’s inception, the exhibition has worked closely with solar energy groups and associations, beginning by addressing the issue of adequate financial returns from generating solar power, and then working on the 100,000 rooftops programme and the German renewable energy act (EEG). This type of collaboration has been the foundation of Intersolar’s success, that is, going beyond being just a trade fair to supporting the industry and creating a vision for the future.

Intersolar’s organisers are convinced that the global energy transition will be a success and that 100 percent renewables is achievable, with photovoltaics  and wind energy serving as central pillars.

The overarching aim is to develop renewable energies, particularly solar energy. To this end, the themes covered by the exhibitions and conferences always address the particular focus, aims, and challenges of regional markets – for example, reducing emissions or supplying remote regions with affordable, clean energy. The aim of each event is to promote and support the local solar energy industry, so the events bring together the best minds and technologies from all over the world, uniting people who are familiar with the various regional challenges.

Intersolar is a partner to exhibitors and visitors, and provides a forum for the industry where experts can meet up, showcasing best-practice solutions, and promoting the international exchange of expertise.

Intersolar has always been a trendsetter for industry developments, for example when it comes to energy storage systems. As early as 2010, the special PV Energy World exhibit allowed Intersolar’s organisers to provide storage systems with a special platform within the scope of Intersolar Europe and Intersolar North America. This stayed in place until 2013, and since 2014, energy storage systems have had a totally independent event under a new brand – ees (the electrical energy storage exhibition). This event is staged alongside all the other Intersolar exhibitions and conferences.

The Intersolar Europe Exhibition will be held from May 31–June 2, 2017, and the Conference between May 30–31, 2017.

See Intersolar for more information.

Photo credit: “”. Material used in the preparation of this article has been drawn from Intersolar.


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